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“Discover how to turn your letting agency into the highly PROFITABLE business you always wanted, attracting more new clients than you ever have before and getting paid more for doing what you are currently contracted to do, but by taking less time doing it.”
Grow your Agency whilst actually doing LESS work than you do right NOW…
Sally Lawson
Founder of Agent Rainmaker, a letting agent for 28 years, speaker coach and former president of ARLA as well as a renowned online authority on Letting Agency business with real analytical focus on Agency GROWTH, Sally throughout the two days will be sharing with YOU how to EXPLODE your agencies potential and future growth, through the 5 step AR system.
Neil Martin
Co-Founder of Marketing Rainmaker, the digital marketing coaching company exclusively for Letting Agents. Neil is a Multi-award winning speaker who delivers highly engaging content and has featured on the BBC and the Huffington Post and here he will be sharing how to become a renowned brand and the FACE of your agency.
Nigel Risner
A renowned author and engaging popular speaker at property events all over the UK, Nigel is a specialist on getting your lettings team working together, by recognising their individual language 
Roger Harrop
Roger is a published author, speaker and expert on getting yourself OUT of your business and getting your lettings team working for you, so you can enjoy the freedom you’ve always wanted, HERE Roger will be sharing with you how YOU can do the same.
Sue Gidney
Sue, will be sharing how after 20 years in the business and feeling, there was nothing more she could do, made some relatively simple changes to her already highly profitable business, in her business and generated a whopping 825k additional income in the process! 
Angharad Trueman
As a new MD for an established large agency group, Harry knew she had to bring this ship into the new era and make changes fast… here she will be sharing how as the new kid on the block she managed to generate an additional 100k within just a few weeks and much more...
Adam Lawrence
Starting at ground ZERO, Adam acquired no less than 3 Letting Agencies going on to to build a complete lettings empire of established businesses in less than 12 months, with less than 30k input… HERE Adam will be sharing HOW he did just that…
Jayne O'Brien
Jayne has made HUGE changes to her business and small team, she has refreshed and updated her marketing, winning instructions through social media and transforming the profitability of her business. Her team are more motivated than ever and she has added no less than 4 additional income streams to her Letting Agency within 4 months, here she will be sharing HOW.
Susan Cope
Running a business is hard, but running a FAMILY business can be even harder, the weight of responsibility can sit heavy on your shoulders to make it work… facing the tenant fee ban, things looked bleak for this already successful business but by implementing many of the Agent Rainmaker Strategies, a complete transformation of this established business is set to add, no less than an additional £1,000,000 turnover over the next 12 months… The million-pound Agent Rainmaker Story…
Sarka Wilde
Sarka has built a really successful Lettings Agency business and achieved rapid growth of her profile and authority levels within her industry. The result? She is attracting more of her ideal clients and has recently won 'Business Person of the Year" . Here Sarka will be sharing how she went from unknown to on the BBC for comment and the local property expert…
Matylda Nowak‎ 
Disheartened and feeling trapped in her business with a workload that was literally killing her, she had been on many training courses and learnt lots of theory, but never found the answer… Maty will be sharing how after she joined the Agent Rainmaker network, she found the answers she was looking for and built her dream team, TREBLED her management portfolio and generated an additional 250k in revenue as a result… but more importantly created the life she had always dreamt of.
Hannah Fargher
As a property investor in HMO units, Hannah struggled to find an agent, so decided to set one up herself… however she struggled to get past working all the hours just to stay ahead and keep all her clients happy… Hannah focused on restructuring her services to suit her business, increasing her fees for the high level clients and outsourcing the menial admin tasks, this gave Hannah 80% of her time back to focus on her passion… but she did all of this in a very unusual way… 
Sandra Blake
Having been in Estate agency for decades, Sandra has seen it all, recession, property crashes, the lot, but nothing prepared her for the last decade of increased legislation, fee squeezes, the competition and much more, caused its challenges, but Sandra and Ben (her son) would not give in and instead joined Agent Rainmaker and started by changing their mind-set, and as a result their bottom line… taking their fees from a measly 7% to a whopping top fee of 17% and quadrupling their turnover as a result… a real success story in action… 
Guest speaker
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“Learn the SECRETS to running a super SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE letting agency, owning the business you always wanted, having the highly accountable and motivated team you always dreamed of - Whilst by actually doing LESS work for your fee”.
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